The #Run / Ride for Change campaign is focused on generating funding for children’s education and sports development through the participation in outdoor sports, such as Cycling and Running.

The basis of this initiative is simply that whenever you participate in and complete recognised provincial, national or global sporting events in your TRADEROOT ACTIVE™ racing gear, funds are generated for a cause. For every kilometer you run or ride, R1 is donated – either by TRADEROOT AFRICA™ or your own personal sponsor(s). In addition, 100% of the money you pay for any TRADEROOT ACTIVE™ branded racing gear is donated to the same fund.


Get started!

REGISTER as a Traderoot Active ambassador, PURCHASE your branded sports gear, RECRUIT your friends to #Ride / Run / Tri for Change, Get friends, family and co-workers to SPONSOR you – from as little as R1 per KM, Get ACTIVE and participate in sports events and rack up those KM’s!


It’s that simple!