TRADEROOT AFRICA™ established a fundraising and impact investment project (“TRADEROOT ACTIVE”) which is focused on providing a platform to generate funding for children’s education and sports development, through the participation in and promotion of branded-merchandise for outdoor sports, such as Cycling and Running.

The #Ride / Run / Tri for Change campaign is a subset of our broader initiative to promote the TRADEROOT ACTIVE™ brand across multiple sporting disciplines, in order to generate funding that is used for CSI projects. These initiatives are currently linked to early childhood development and education, as well as support and development of talented athletes and previously-disadvantaged individuals in professional road cycling.

Our current focus is two-fold: 1) to promote education and self-confidence in children; and 2) to contribute towards the development of talented and PDI athletes. It is our goal that, with your efforts, we will be able to jointly give back to South Africa and its youth. The future of our country is in the hands of our youth, and we should do all that we can to empower and develop them.

We believe that the greatest and most useful gift we can give to the children of South Africa is to promote education, development and self-confidence in our youth.  Rather than supporting feeding schemes and similar organisations that tackle the problem of education on the surface, we feel that the contribution we make can be more effective if we support individual children and talented athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds who show the potential for success and who also have the support of their parents and surrounding infrastructure in achieving that potential.

We intend to grow the current initiatives into a formalised foundation, which will be run independently from our corporate brand (TRADEROOT AFRICA™), so that we can employ specialists in this field to truly drive the initiative into an ethical, sustainable and meaningful enterprise we can all be proud of.

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