The R sound

Good morning Amy

Hope you and your family are doing well. I just felt that I had to share this with you. Riley used to have a problem with the “R” sounds. He could not pronounce it properly, so instead of “R” he would say “L” and we decided to get a speech therapist, and what and amazing turnover it was. I received the good news this morning from the therapist that she will release Riley(RJ) from any more sessions. She is so happy with his wonderful progress and that he was such a lovely child to work with. He was willing to complete all the tasks she gave him. He can say his name properly now and speak more frequently now.

I just had to share this good news with you, actually “double” good news. Riley got the confirmation from Kronendal Primary School that he was excepted for 2018 as a grade one learner.

Warm regards


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